Friday, January 9, 2009


 Why?... Why Not!.

During the late 80s early 90s there were only 4 track recorders with cassette tapes, DAT for the more privileged, and karaoke hifi (with the two mike inputs!) for budget home recordings. All but the last which I can really afford. I spent years recording songs using this setup until I decided to upgrade my social interaction skills, and started to spent more time "mingling"with other human beings.

Everything got mothballed or given away. The hifi was left at my mother's when I moved (I got it back with me now, but nothing else works except the radio) and my guitars left in the store room together with my amp (also at my mother's).

I guess what started all this was a chance meeting with an Acoustics Engineer who happens to stay in the same kampong, who also happens to be a Dream Theatre fan, who also happens to play the Bass reaaally landut, who also happens to be in a family of rockers who happens to have stashed amps and drumset in an office nearby. That my friends, is what you call "an accident waiting to happen".

That was almost a year and a half ago. We started jamming every Saturday nights in the office with all windows open. Found our excellent, balls to the wall, kretek smoking drummer. Created quite a bit of noise, and started getting attention from neighbouring houses (Maafkan kami....), and of course the police. Again, things just seemed to click into place. Collectively, all of us (this includes a lot other people... I salute u all) built a jamming studio for our weekly activity. For about a year we jammed every week...
I was browsing the web for amplifiers when I stumbled across free stuff on the net that allows you to practically do home recordings through your pc.  So I started messing around with it and within a week I managed to record my first song after a hiatus of almost 14 years. 

I do this because this is something that Ive always wanted to do. Doing this has actually balanced the right side and the left side of my brain. I never actually learned music, did not take any guitar lessons (If u listen u'll know), and definitely cant sing. If I can get 10 guys to listen and enjoy it, I consider that an achievement already. 

Why is this in English?...  Why not?



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