Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Day

Salah satu dari lagu-lagu yang telah dibuat oleh pemain gitar kami. Lagu yang mengambil "feel" "theaterical" dan "dark".  Elemen yang sedikit dipengaruhi dari Alice Cooper. Lirik mengisahkan keperluan dadah kepada seorang penagih.


Another Day

I know youre grasping, in the darkness / I see your future void of light

You're ordinary, there's no excitement / You always blended in the crowd

You're screaming in silence / You're breathing without cause

You're begging for mercy / Open your heart to me, I will save you

Come to me, Ill be your salvation / Come embrace me, I am your solution

Lets end the game, you dont need a reason / To hold on through another day

Take my hand I'll be your foundation / I'll change your life, theres no desperation

Its not hard, I promised satisfaction /You'll hold on through another day

Nothings going right, everythings jumbled / You can't figure out your life

Unwelcomed tomorrow, todays forgettable / You wish you were just someone else

All you need is, some attention / And you crave someone who cares

You have no one, no affection / Can't share your mind, can't share your heart


Come to me, take my hand / Come to me, to hold on through another day

Come to me, come to me, come to me....


berteromber said...

RST...good luck..

err..kalau wa turun Sg Buaya..boleh join ker...
wa suara ala2 Axl Rose ni..hehe..

ROKATUA said...

Thank you, thrashead.

Lu bukan "naik" Sg Buaya, ke? Kalo turun dah ke Singapore tuh.

Hopefully, gua takkan failkan lu nye expectation.

Abang Ben said...

I'll keep my comment bila dah 'betul-betul' rekod jadi lagu. Bias pulak nanti. Tapi first impression, above average! (at least better dari Revenge hehehe...)

ROKATUA said...

Thanks for the compliment, MM.

A free copy will be forwarded to you as soon as we completed the final recording.

(Ini bukan rasuah, ah) :)